The EUFRUIT Knowledge Platform is part of a European thematic network of 21 partners including research institutes, universities and industrial partners who represent keyparts of the fruit supply chain from 12 countries.

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The European Fruit Network (EUFRUIT) - Knowledge Platform

EUFRUIT Knowledge Platform is an international open access database of electronic documents related to productivity, sustainability and quality of fruit in the European fruit sector. New knowledge on fruit research and best practice approaches at a European level are available in the database. It is possible to search for information in a specific language.

Focuses are on four thematic areas of critical importance to competitiveness and innovation potential of the European fruit sector:

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Empfohlene Pflanzenschutzmittel für den Erwerbsobstbau 2018

Publication of technical bulletin/guideline - Secure sustainable fruit production


Pflanzenschutztagung Obstbau

Organising/holding seminar/lecture-based workshop - Secure sustainable fruit production


Stakeholder Meeting Forum Obstbau

Organising/holding other stakeholder meeting/event - Secure sustainable fruit production


Stakeholder Meeting Forum Kern- und Steinobst

Organising/holding other stakeholder meeting/event - Performance of new fruit varieties


EUFRIN Meeting: Presentation CH 2017

Participation in scientific conference - Performance of new fruit varieties


Workshop: "Schweizer Kirschen und Zwetschgen – Qualität sichern"

Organising/holding industry group meeting/event - Performance of new fruit varieties


Bundesarbeitskreis Steinobst (presentation)

Participation in other stakeholder meeting - Performance of new fruit varieties


Publication: Betriebsführer Breitenhof

Publication of book/booklet/chapter - Performance of new fruit varieties


Zwischenbbericht Projekt HERAKLES Plus: Nachhaltiges Feuerbrand- und Marssoninamanagement im Mostobstanbau

Publication of technical bulletin/guideline - Performance of new fruit varieties


EUFRUIT WP3 Scanning report Y2 "Reduction in pesticide residue"

Publication of EIP-AGRI practitioner abstract - Reduction in pesticide residues

The EUFRUIT thematic network has received funding from the
European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 696337.