The link between the disease resistence of sour cherry and some components of the methylation cycle

In living organisms, including plants, changes induce in the quantity and quality of endogenous compounds concerning stress-handling mechanisms. Out of these results, the link between methyl donor compounds (mainly the cholin and the betain), the endogenous formaldehyde, (which is a transient product, created from CH3 groups which are easy to mobilise) and stress tolerance has been proven. In case of sour cherry cultivars, where a number of tolerant landrace exist, that such examinations not yet been carried out. Our examinations focuses on the homeostatic comparison of the Monilinia laxa resistant ‘Csengődi’, the susceptible ‘Érdi bőtermő’ and their hybrids tested pleriminaly for disease resistance. Our aim is to examine the methyl donor compounds and endogenous formaldehyde can be measured in homeostasis and to understand the relations concerning disease resistance.


Kertgazdaság Kertgazdaság, 3(40): 23-31.
Published: 01-09-2017
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Publication in scientific journal (peer review)
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Secure sustainable fruit production
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Sándor Szügyi
NARIC Fruitculture Research Institute
1223 Budapest
Park u. 2
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